Is there anyone who can hack a Facebook ID?

No, no one can hack your facebook account but someone can make a fool out of you to get your login details.

Hacking facebook now isn't a joke. It is already very invulnerable compared to some previous years.

So, anyone can fool you to get your login details using phishing methods, fake emails or using keylogging tools but they cannot directly hack your facebook account.

And a small note: Always use "2-way verification" while using Facebook or any online sites that you are using. It'll give you some extra security over your profile and help you secure your account.

If muscle works with force on joint and joint works with exact force on muscle (Newton III law) how can muscle drag much heavier weight than itself?

I ran across a similar riddle when I was starting my maths degree: A donkey is hitched to a cart. The force that the donkey exerts on the cart is matched by an equal and opposite force exerted by the cart on the donkey (Newton's Third Law). How is it then possible that the donkey can move the cart?The

Why am I so bad at leg squat? I can easily leg press around 540 but squats only 155.?

There is a common misconception that the leg-press has large carry over to the squat. In fact, they are two very different exercises, and so you should not expect for the weights to be even remotely close.Why?First let's make an (admittedly

Why does the bride have to leave her home after marriage and not the groom?

Let's understand meaning of words first:Purush = Steady, constant, deep, Hard to adapt or change.Stri = Easily adjustable, always hopping from one thing to another, Inconsistant. People often gets confuse with the body of baby and thinks that it is either purush or stri. But exact reason is how mind works?