Is there death after death?

Yes, there is a second death after the first physical death. Then another phase in the after-life period begins. This after-life period also ends when one is born again, and that too can be considered as yet another type of "death", as it marks the end of another phase in the continuum called life.

There is actually no death, but a single life covering different phases, cyclically, To be precise, there are three broad phases. For each phase there is a beginning and an end. The end of a phase, lets call it the first phase, is what we normally refer to as death. It is the end of the physical body and physical consciousness. When we die, our consciousness (and prana) exits out physical body, which then becomes lifeless and decays. The next phase then begins.

This next phase, let's call it the second phase, covers our life in the astral world, the world of feelings and emotions. Here, our consciousness experiences all the pangs of feelings and emotions, as it remains in our astral body. We do not have physical suffering during this period because we do not have a physical body. It is the period call "hell" in traditional religions. It is a sphere of suffering, mostly in the initial period, as our consciousness remains engrossed in the grosser realms of the astral world, and that brings suffering.

The phase after that, lets call it the third phase, covers our life in the mental world, a world of thoughts and imagination. When the second phase begins, it is described that one is born into the mental world almost like a new-born baby.

The term "heaven world" is also used for "mental world". One enters this phase a long period after our physical death, and this entry happens when our astral body dies too. Our consciousness as well as our prana then exits the astral body, leaving behind an astral corpse. We then begin life in the mental world, a land of supreme happiness as we remain self-engrossed in all our thoughts and imagination. Whatever we imagine becomes like reality immediately in front of our eyes, and many people build marvellous (imaginary) castles for themselves, which to them appear like real castles. This is the "heaven" or "heaven life" described in traditional religion.

But even this interesting and happy period ends after a long time, and we are reborn with a physical body into a new worldly life. That is, the third phase ends too.

Life, in that sense is an unbroken continuum but broken into different phases, and the end of each phase can be looked upon as "death".

I can see many people argue that death is the end of everything. Actually they are wrong. Untill anyone is sure about the fact that there is nothing after death, they are not qualified to answer the question. Most of the people use their imagination to answer such questions.

"To such people - you are literally misguiding your readers."

The truth is, there are many people who lives among us who can give even scientific evidence to this question. Religion also has given answers to this question already. But the common people tries to find a scientific explanations for everything.

Death of the physical body isn't the death of everything. Your consciousness exists even after you die. We call it soul or spirit. This is something I know with personal experience. I can say I am one of the persons who is lucky to experience this truth with own sense.

The question appears to be apparently meaningless or quixotic I shall try to extract a sort of meaningful answer.

Death is not the end of life-" Life " is permanent, that is God ( god is not a person but a Spritual Energy). This means Life is God. Death is a break in physical appearance which occurs at varying intervals in the appearance of life in physical form. That amounts to saying that there is no death in reality, but only a tranciaent disappearance of the physical form.

The answer to this question could be ‘" when there is no death in reality the question of death after death" doesn't arise.

If you have no belief in rebirth, then also the question becomes irrelevant.

If you believe in reincarnation, only then the issue of ‘ death after death ‘ arises. In this case one aspect of answer is already given.

The other aspect is how to avoid repeated ‘ deaths' or reincarnations to be brought to an end. Incarceration means potential death only. Then , you are seeking deathlessness or Nirvana or Moksha ; certainly a worthy goal to be strieved for.

what you call DEATH is just a gateway to next body/reality etc

and then another and again and again

until ONE will seek for liberation from samsara

then he/she will understand that I am servant of Krishna and if He asks me to be born for a specific purpose I will do it ;-)

braking samsara is based on PERSONAL egoistic need, selfish desire to enjoy or be free

but real freedom is to act on behalf of Krishna as human or demigod etc

Surely there is death after death.Its just your soul which remains the same but the body changes.

A man can experiences many lifetimes and that can be up to more than 54 or more also.

But he mostly only remembers the present one.

No there is no death after death like you can not take birth from the same mother again,or death is something which takes you beyond dimension limits.

Yes. Birth is death of death.


But life is between death after death. So it is birth, aging and death as the process of life recurring as long as the causes recurring too.

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