Is there something you wish you Did or regret Not doing back in high school? If your in high school now, is there something you want to do before graduating but not sure how to go about it?

I regret not telling someone how I felt about her. I found out before I could say anything to her that she left this earth, and now it really weighs on me what I did not do, and what could have been if she got to know me. If she rejected me, well, then it was not meant to be, but I feel so foolish for not acting on it.

What are some good techniques to stay in shape after age 45?

‘A healthy lifestyle' is the secret to stay in shape. A healthy lifestyle consists of exercise and diet -both are non negotiable. It also consists of both ‘physical' and ‘mental' make ups.Exercise consists of a cardiovascular activity like running,jogging , dance, aerobics etc . Jogging is the

If a venomous snake can no longer bite and is dead, wouldn't its venom still be lethal to anyone who eats its head where the venom sacs are located?

No because venom is glyco proteins which can be easily digested in ur digestive system .If snake venom like Black mamba , Hydrophys Russel's viper, Neurotoxic in nature it means they directly affect the CNS (nervous system).However to get death

What is your biggest culture shock from leaving America?

Whether one is able to believe it or not, living in America is very simliar to living in a large bubble. Your world news consist of East and West Coast with a sprinkle of some other news around the globe. The biggest culture shock was to learn that everyone doesn't share