Is time related with space?

According to Einstein's theory of relativity,  time is just an illusion.  It depends on distance traveled in a space or simply if the space exists distance exists and if the distance exists time exists.

Time is NOT an illusion any more than your length width and height are.

Most of these questions are inherently flawed because they come from misconceptions about what time is. Time is simply the progression of matter/energy through space.

There exists no such thing as "back in time".

You are traveling forward in time at this very moment. At the rate of 1s/s(on the Earth's surface). You could travel at a faster rate through time. Leave Earth, accelerate to 99.99% the speed of light. Travel for a distance, loop back and slow down. From your perspective less time will have passed than for those on Earth. Keep in mind, though, the ‘speed' of time itself did not change. The rate at which you moved through time did.

An easy way to look at this is to compare it to a film. Most films are presented at 24 frames per second. 24 pictures in a row that give the illusion of movement. Although we haven't yet the technology to determine what it is, there is a minimum moment of time. A ‘frame' of time if you will. This is wholly linked to the speed of light.

Each frame is a +1 iteration of the last. The matter/energy has not been duplicated. You cannot go back in time because there is no there. There is now here.

Equation of continuity of 4 dimensional coordinate given by Einstein, shows that space is an extension of time coordinate

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