Is turning evil really makes life easier?

It might see so and might as well - I've been contemplating this for a while, but to me has every time seemed that it is harder to turn evil than just get on with life as you know it.

By turning evil you want to become something that you are not and that is to pretend.. well at-least till that new thing becomes your second nature or you discover that you actually enjoy your new evil hobby/personality other wise you'd likely to create a split personality/ego within you.

Turning evil is also relative to how good you are in general - for a thief turning evil may be to become murderer and for a murderer a mass murderer/terrorist.

So I think although, the idea of turning evil seems easier option (and blaming the world for turning you evil), its not really that easy to follow through and there are now half measures - once on an evil path and you didn't like it - then its much more difficult to come back..

In the short run taking actions that are outside the will of God (what you might call evil) might seem to make things easier. However you reap what you sow either in this life or the next. And I don't just mean the afterlife, I mean rebirth. This is called karma.

You can rise above your karma by transcending your current level of consciousness. When you integrate the lessons of your evil acts then you no longer need to experience the physical consequences of them.

In short, it's not worth it to be evil in the long run. You will have to answer for your actions somehow.

Nope you will make life hard for you. Have you ever heard someone saying that I really love this person because he is pure evil.

  • Nobody likes people who criticize others
  • Nobody likes someone who takes advantage of others.
  • Nobody likes people who steal or cheat.

Being nice to people is a superpower that god have given to everyone . If you remember Uncle Ben " With great power comes great responsibility". So try to be nice, its good for your health and for others.

Are we talking criminal evil or lawful evil?

If you're smart enough to be lawful evil, then yes, life may well be easier when making life decisions without regards to conscience or morality.

Criminal evil is most often a hard life.  Not only do you have to keep minions subjugated, you also have to avoid law enforcement and other criminals trying to work into your territory. 

Either way, make sure you've read the Evil Overlords guide before embarking.

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