Is working out a way to run from your problems?

It isn't for me, but I think depending on the nature of the problem, it's possible to misuse the workout in such a way. It is clear that if you train with one big future goal in mind, you can become really obsessive about it because it is easy to structure your entire day around that and finally forget everything else that should matter, at least for a while and if you want to and are the type for that. Personally, I rather see that as a danger, than a benefit because problems you run away from, will come back to haunt you.

Although likely not entirely unrelated, the healthier way seems to be to use training to clear your mind regularly and to enjoy the many good effects of the positive stress (Eustress - Wikipedia) it gives, instead of the negative one we otherwise are exposed to too often.

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How to stay motivated to become a better person

I simply cannot settle for less and when I do sh*t happens in my life. I really do have to do the best I can or I'm not happy and I keep attracting weird situations and people in my life that cause turmoil and

What are are a few good vegetarian foods to build muscle?

3 Most Important Nutrients for Muscle BuildingDeveloping a chiseled and muscular body requires a disciplined life, commitment and consistency. It should be a combination of hard training and a well-planned diet. The 3 most important nutrients that should be derived from muscle building foods are as follows:1.ProteinsBodybuilding

Are leg rises and inclined crunches enough to reduce belly. My upper abs are and other body parts are also showing progress but my tummy and love handles aren't. What should I do?

Direct Abdominal training will only fire those muscle fibers and do nothing for overall physique. Your body is one single unit and you need it to grow organically.If you want to put your overall body under physical tension in order to produce a strong muscular looking physique with visible