It is said oxygen is needed for combustion, but in space there is no oxygen. How does the Sun burn then?

Combustion in sun is different from what you think.

Sun uses Fusion reaction to release enormous amount of energy in the form of radiation.

Sun has large quantity of hydrogen isotopes. These isotopes under huge pressure fuse together to form Helium atoms.

By law of energy, some parts of mass is converted to Energy which is emitted in the form of radiation.

Hence, no oxygen is required for sun to burn. Hope this answers your question.

What movie has had the biggest all star cast?

Hello, the answer is:Gandhi (1982)"Over 300,000 extras were used in the funeral scene, the most for any film according to Guinness World Records."Gandhi (film)Greetings.

Who produced the movie Captain America: Civil War?

A quick check of the Internet Movie Database reveals that Captain America: Civil War (2016) was produced by the following people:Victoria Alonso... executive producerLouis D'Esposito...executive producerStan Lee... executive producerNate Moore...executive producerPatricia Whitcher...executive producerKevin Feige...producer (p.g.a.)Júlio Uchoa...producer: Brazil (as Julio Uchõa)Mitchell Bell... co-producer (as Mitch Bell)Christoph Molfenter... co-producerCharlie Costa... associate producerTrinh Tran... associate producerLars P. Winther ... associate producer

Why was it that Nick Fury had to call Captain Marvel when half of the Earth's population had been wiped out?

From the production reports and press releases regarding the Captain Marvel movie there are a few plot points that can help use theorize.1-Captain Marvel, along with Nick Fury and a rookie Coulson, are working with SHIELD.2-Captain Marvel will end up in space. The assumption is she