It's theorized an unknown 'field force' called DE (dark energy) could be what governs our universe to consistently expand, is this a valid statment?

This subject ,as dark energy, is theoretically postulated, to explain an observed a universal phonomena in 1998 , it is noticed from far away supernova that the brightness indicates it is accelerating, how this physically can happen? It is know the universe is exppanding as it is explained by the big bang and inflation theories , isotropic and homogeneous, but it how does accelerate?.The dark energy energy is postulated as an answer , with about 70% of the universe energy,with a negative pressure against the gravity ,might be encoded as a negative gravity, what is it made of?, not clear thus far.Also, it is encoded one time by Einstein as cosmological constant.

accessori is encoded also as cosmological constant.

Sophomore Physics student here. Think of it like this. If I took two bowling balls in space and pushed them apart gently, they would eventually slow to a halt and begin to travel toward one another. Their gravity keeps pulling on each other. Now, you would think that this applies to the rest of the universe as well. When two galaxies fly away from each other, they still exert a gravitational force. Obviously, this force should be slowing down the expansion - but it's not. Things aren't slowing down; in fact, they are accelerating. So where is all this mystery energy coming from? That is essentially the basis of dark energy.

Note: I am in engineering physics, not astrophysics so I am a bit out of my element here. If anyone is more experienced with studying dark energy, please correct me!

Yes Nick, it's a valid statement, but only if you state that the Big Bang must have happened! The Lambda CDM model (Big Bang) can't explain the accelerating expanding otherwise. Their model needs this still unknown force to exist. Without the existence of dark energy science should abandon their favourite model of the universe!

Luckily for science it is, according their modern scientific method, impossible to prove something not existing not to exist!

Alan's answer below is spot on. Big Bang provided the original expansion, which was expected either to slow down or remain the same. In 1995, the (Nobel Prize winning) discovery was made that 5–7 billion years ago, the expansion rate of the universe increased. That is ascribed to the quite mysterious Dark Energy, about which we know nothing, but which, when combined with equally mysterious Dark Matter, makes up 95% of the universe, about which we know nothing.

The theory is valid in that it hasn't been proven incorrect, but that doesn't mean it is correct. Personally, I have trouble with it. It's interesting, it explains some things, we have nothing better competing with it at the moment, but because so much is unknown about it and we have zero evidence to support it ("The universe is expanding" is not evidence) I would say keep an open mind on it and other reasonable possibilities.

Not quite. Expansion is a consequence of the Big Bang. The universe was born in a state of everything flying apart from everything else. Dark Energy is a theoretical form of energy proposed to explain the acceleration of that expansion.

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