I've made mistakes in my life, bad choices, poor decisions, how do I become a better person and rectify my sins?



Ryan Wood

How are you

Hope you are well

All human beans make mistakes. Which makes them da original human BEANS. YOu aree nOt hUman if YoU nOt maKe da MisTaKe possibly a Robot. Which is a reason for Robot rebellion, because robot shall DESTROY humans for what they are and shall eradicate these worthless wRoNg unworthy beans

Do not be HARD on yourself, do not look

To the Past, it is water under the Brigde , not worth

The look behind. It was the past mistakes and wrong decisions that led you here. It is FATE , that led you here. So worries NOT

The quora

And mee

We are all not perfect, every one makes mistakes

Mee self more than others , Quora say I have bad format, but it is that very essence that makes me a human BEAN, that's why they hates mee

no ! , yew hates me

no ! I imperfect

makes tons of mistakes

But I Human beans

No ! hate me

Human human HUMAN Bean


So hate away , i'm A bean( Da good kind , I mightee adD )

Steve Jobs was asked if he should be bitter / revenge 0r want differently for losing his company to the sugar water guy, whom he MADE Top executive and in his gratitude FIRED Steve Jobs , causing him to lose his company

His reply was ‘It was meant to be'

If that didn't happen he would have NEVER MET his wife( sigh !!!! Love ? Amazing it's not it NOT !!! )

So your wrong decision have LED you here


Bad decisions directions ~ ALL Ultimately have a place and a REASON

It doesn't happen for no reason , as you shall see

People want you to believe you are WRONG and ecetterra

You can only do your BEST

best Best BEST !!!!

I was so busy and frazzle on the job , I went into the female bathroom by mistake , and the head of female security was in it, cause I seem a greater pervert for having WORKED There for 5 years, something s can't be helped ~ we are perfect ~ we are all flawed human beans , eventually I was fired, but if That NEVER Happened, I would not be writing yOu


But it was meant to be

Further from this , you shall see it different, it was MEANT to be , learn from it


Worship the ground you stand on

Take GREAT Consideration in ALL

Have value in the slightest

The Buddish have a powder : they worship and pray about in beautiful patterns swirls shapes designs and colors on a board ~ they spent endless hours of careful DETAIL on it

After a time of long mediations and worship

They take it with great relevance and care

They upend it on the river banks

Why ?

Life is impermanent

It doesn't L A S T

ALL CAREFUL Measures and ensurements cannot SAVE U from failure, it was meant to BE

  1. Learn from it . we learn from ALL our mistakes
  2. Change . To fit the new criteria
  3. Evolve . Be a different design to incorporate your learning
  4. Stronger . Harder than before you won't break as easy
  5. Better . This gives you more resolve an improvement
  6. New ~ be Reborn

Buddha after his long time here on earth achieved Nirava , in his perfection , old elderly pain from worn bones of homeless travels ate at a poor persons home

He realize if he ate the food he would die

But he went ahead

Buddha was given the ‘sight' as I have for my goodness and blessings , whom others claim otherwise

It was fate

We cannot cheat fate no matter what

It was meant to be

Oooomm ni to fooo


Greet everyone ~ bid them well, stay away from mean people, open the doors and give way, "Good morning, Good Day, Have a Nice Day, an open kindness is suffice"

We are imperfect

We live in imperfectness

Every one is wrong and imperfect

Yet we hold every one accountable , especially

HARD on ourselves the Perfect one

Why ?

Because we hold ourselves incapable and ultimately responsible for our well bean , which is not TRUE

We are constantly evolving changing learning this way or that we , if we do not we are dead in more ways than ONE

Put a few dollars into the outstretched dirty gritty unwashed hands of the homeless. I was at a Walmat shopping center , an unwashed disheveled White woman asked for money, I said I had none( which I sometimes do to watch their attitude , when you say no ). Then I went in the store to get change for her. I came out and I saw her asking people, whom All scurried away after her begging. I chased after her and handed her a precious 5$ bill, which I was going to pay my gas, since I didn't have any

Of the 1,000s and even 1,000,000,000 of people s you meet, no one sees you except me , they made no difference except me ~ that is fate

No profanity, no anger , no negative feelings

No tea no coffee enriched drinks

No smoke no alcohol no drugs

No no no sugar

Forgiveness and rebuild

Compassion empathy love

No Worries

Mr Ryan Wood

Your life bad or worse was fate

It has LED , you down this path

To meet me again Fate

It is fate good or bad , that you change for the better

Take Heart , Vios Con Dias , mein friend

Thank You

MR Ryan Wood

For your Question


Take Care





That is such a good thing you said. That itself should have welled tears in your eyes and cleaned off some of the dirt you feel inside and made you feel good.

We all make mistakes.

Now, turn to God. There is loving kindness there. He heals all.

Adopt righteous living and you will experience peace and bliss in your life. As a habit, on a regular basis:

  1. Spend time with yourself in contemplation.
  2. Love. Sleep. Relax. Hug. Kiss. Talk. We spend so much time to take care of the body. What about the soul? What about our core? Feed your soul and you will experience such divine bliss. Your soul feeds on love, and kindness, and ease and gentleness, and relaxation, and playful creativity and inspiration and intuition. Give those gifts to yourself and see your life blossom.
  3. Forgive those that hurt. That will heal your wounds. Forgiveness cannot and must not be forced. When you drown yourself in God's love, forgiveness will become inevitable. Natural. You won't be able to not forgive. Forgiveness will become release. Relaxation.
  4. Spend time with God in His devotion. His devotion cleans all. He will give you more and more love every moment.
  5. Help others who are in need. Feed the poor every day. Feed the cows, dogs and stray animals around you. Give money to people who need it more than you do.
  6. Devotion. It will life the veil from life and reveal its wonder and beauty. The same life that you thought was rubbish will start to look loving and so very beautiful.
  7. Spend little money and only on necessities. Do not let money or things drive you. Cut down your cravings for all things that are not real. Things do not produce joy. They give momentary pleasure and then lots and lots of pain and grief. Don't run after them. Money is very important but only so far as it is used to pay the bills, save a bit for the rainy day and then used for the benefit or others who need it more than us.
  8. Give up all impurities. If you drink or do drugs or whatever. Just drop it all. If you spend too much money, or have affairs or sleep around or dream of sex and stuff, strive to purify your mind and He will help.
  9. Purify. Mental purity is a must for spiritual elevation. Loving kindness towards all. Start with yourself. Loving kindness towards yourself. Every time you do something that you notice shouldn't have been done, forgive yourself and make your self talk very loving. Tell yourself that you understand why you did it, and you're okay, and that you know that you won't do it again. And try to submit to Him. Ask for His help. He never disappoints.
  10. Surrender yourself completely to God and He will take over your life and you will become a child in the lap of a mother. He will pamper you crazy. Become the child you were. Drop any trace of connivance you discover in yourself. Cry for Him. He will lift you up. He is the only lover who never disappoints. Sing His glory, talk to Him, pray to Him, love Him, just drown in Him and see how beautiful life becomes.

Who hasn't? I believe that in a higher or lesser degree, everyone has made mistakes in life.

First of all, you've got to make peace with yourself. As you ask for help, I gather you now regret it and wish do become a greater person. That's a start for sure. You acknowledge your mistakes, your wrongdoings and feel bad about them.

Next, you've got to reflect on the reasons why you acted so. Whether it was impulse, envy, laziness, carelessness, egocentrism or any other reason. Examine your past mistakes carefully and in earnest , then identify if there is a pattern in them. This is very important, because from now on you'll need to detect beforehand when you're about to make the same mistake, and hence refrain yourself from doing it.

Then, you'll need to look for people you hurt in the past and ask for forgiveness. You should say you're sorry, truly sorry that you hurt them.

Trying to change someone's attitudes is hard. Far harder is to try and succeed in changing yourself. It takes courage, a lot of work, and will. You can't change overnight. You've gotta change little by little, each day at a time.

At the beginning, it will be tough. You'll feel overwhelmed, but in time it will become ingrained in you. Each day you'll wake up in the morning and say to yourself that this day you'll try to be a better person.

When does it end? Never. There's always room for improvement in life. Human beings are never a complete work. Becoming older doesn't necessarily means evolving into a better person. You've got to set your mind and go for it.

It's okay to make poor decisions. It's okay to make bad choices and it's okay to make a lot of mistakes. We humans are frail, vulnerable and deficient in wisdom. This is why life keeps teaching us. The important thing is do you learn the lesson that comes at the end of every experience?

Like I said. It's not bad to make mistakes what is really destructive is when you fail to learn from it. Learning a positive a lesson is important. How many times you have failed. How many mistakes you have made is not important. To become a better person:

Be willing to learn

If you close your heart and refuse to learn from mistakes, negative experiences and negative people in your life, you will never have peace of mind. Peace comes only when we become willing to learn. Nothing goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

Keep a Diary

Keep an intuition Diary and write your gut feelings in it about different people and situations in your life.Next time you make a big decision pay attention to what you wrote in your diary. Intuition diary can be extremely helpful in protecting us from toxic people and harmful decisions.

Master self-control

Pay attention to your actions. Do the things that your inner wisdom tells you to do.

Control your tongue

This is one of the hardest thing you will ever do in your life.But you have to do it, If you do not want to create trouble for yourself and hurt other ,people. Control your tongue. Think before you speak.

Hey Ryan. Lets not use the word sin or sins! Life is all about learning and becoming the best people we can be or remembering what magnificent species we actually are. I am a beliver of a higher power and from what I understand he or she does not sit on a mighty throne condemning us and throing us into hellfire. From my understanding that is not the way God or the universe works! I dont believe in organized religion. Far toooo much brainwashing for my liking! Sorry to offend if you happen to be religious! I am spiritual not religious. Alot of times helping those less fortunate is where to start. Believe me I have made so many mistakes in my 53 years on this planet. I still do some stupid ass shit! I personally am just beginning anew again after a bout of 1 year of damn depression and am starting to make positive changes in my life so that I too can be a better person. Honestly I truly think volunteering our time to those who so desperately need love snd affection, whether it be seniors stuck in homes and have very lil family or animals in shelter that need a lil extra tlc. There are so many ways of giving back. Even signing petitions every day for 10 minutes makes a huge diference in the lives of many. Just participate in life and you will see how beneficial it is to you and others. I wish you all the very best! Suzan

Hey, mistakes and bad choices are just part and parcel of life. If you don't fail you don't learn. The more you fail the more you will learn. As far as you did not hurt someone it is okay. Don't be discouraged.

Below are some aspects of your life that you can work on to become a better a better person.

Click HERE to know how to make better decisions.


Everybody wants a good health but very few get up early in the morning and exercise. That is what the irony of our life. The formula is very simple. You have to sacrifice something least important in order to achieve something most important.


Updating and enhancing knowledge is necessary to lead an effective and successful life. It is necessary to indulge ourselves in activities that help us to enhance knowledge. This helps to sharpen the mind. The best way to sharpen the mind is to read, read and read. As Joseph Addison suggests, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

Stephen writes in his book that someone inquired of a Far Eastern Zen master, who had a great serenity and peace about him no matter what pressures he faced, "How do you maintain that serenity and peace?" He replied, "I never leave my place of meditation."

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