I've noticed that people have different fitness and eating routines and habits, so how I can I figure what would work for me to lose belly and inner thigh fat, and tone up everything?

As some of the other answers says - it is a fact that there is no way for spot reduction. In order to lose belly fat and inner thigh fat you must calculate the recommended calories/kilojoules to eat everyday. It's not a good thing to obsess or beat yourself up over it eg. Eating too much, but it will help you with your goal. A certain fitness level eg. Sedentary, active, highly active, will allow you to see how much you should eat everyday, it will also be based on your BMI, your height and weight and goal weight.

To calculate BMI: https://www.heartfoundation.org....

Calculate estimated kilojoules: Kilojoules Calculator: How many KJ should you eat?

Improve diet: Healthy eating

Good luck :) remember that if you are at an unhealthy weight (calculate BMI to check this + measure waist), you should also be getting as much sleep as you can, switch any drinks (one or two alcholic drinks a week won't hurt you) to water!

Water, tea and coffee are probably the best things you can drink, absolutely avoid soft drinks as they give you no nutrition whatsoever (even drinks such as juice, Gatorade and up&go are awful for you).

Also remember to have unhealthy things in moderation & a junk food meal can sometimes be less calories than a healthy meal, something you shouldn't feel guilty about!)

And you cannot spot reduce fat but you CAN train a certain spot more which will help you, eg. Using weights at the gym for arm strength-muscles. Remember that weights will not make you bulky (unless you fully overdo it) and they will help you tone up a lot (with consistency, skipping the gym and going the week after won't help much).

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