Larry ate 1/4 of the SNICKERS chocolate bar. Next, his sister ate 1/8 of the eaten chocolate bar. Lastly, his brother ate 2/3 of the eaten chocolate bar. How much is left of the SNICKERS bar?

So they ate 1/8 and 2/3 of that "eaten" bar of chocolate? That is... disturbing.

His brother/sister ate fractions of an "eaten chocolate bar"? When I eat something it goes into my mouth then down into my stomach and from there it does a rollercoaster ride of various processing stages then out the other end in various "ways".

To answer the math question: the answer is 3/4 of the chocolate bar still remains. The brother and sister have bigger problems. Some of which are psychological and others likely involving sepsis, infections and a whole lot of other symptoms requiring medical attention.

What is your positive experience with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

For 26 years, I was an active and faithful Mormon. For most of those years, being a member provided me with a community, a purpose and answers to most of life's questions. And if there were questions that Mormonism didn't answer, then it was OK. For

How to feel about changing India when an MD doctor asks a dowry to marry a doctor but in BDS

If you are a meritorious dentist, ambitious and successful, you will earn way more than MD. Rather than giving that money in dowry, prepare well and clear NBDE or any such exam. You'd earn far far more.There is this false sense of guilt around Dentistry, just bcz majority of people who opted for dentistry look upon it as a

Why do I still feel hungry after eating three meals a day?

There could be a number of reasons you are hungry after eating three meals a day. You may simply not be eating enough at those meals. You may not be getting a good ratio of macronutrients. You can adapt to a lack of carbohydrates, but not getting enough proteins or fats will leave a nutritional deficiency. If your