Laziness: What's the laziest thing you've ever done?

My entire day is filled with random acts of laziness. Still I would like to share my top 4 laziest acts as chosen by my friends :P

Here goes......

4) I almost missed one of my end semester practical exams because I was watching The Dark Knight Rises and felt too lazy to get up and go to college. My friends told the Proff. that I was suffering from low pressure, fainted on the way and was currently admitted in a local hospital. When I finally reached the college (2 hours after the exam started) after finishing the movie I was surprised to find him so welcoming. He even gave me five minutes extra to finish the exam.. not that I needed those extra minutes  8|

3) During my first campus recruitment interviews ( for which I was not all prepared) the interviewer asked me THAT question "Tell me about yourself!" I thought for a while and told him the first thing that came to my mind- "I am... um.. kind of lazy and not easily motivated!" The interviewer sat there gaping at me, smiled and moved on to other questions! Oh, and I cleared that round. Lol.

2) After joining my first job here at Bangalore, a few months back, I lost 6 kgs in the first 16 days because most holidays I would spend without having lunch or dinner (breakfast is out of question when you get up at 2 pm) as I was/am too lazy to go out for that. I realized the gravity of the situation and came up with a solution.. cornflakes and PIZZZAAAAA!
It's almost 3:30 pm here (sunday), I am writing this answer and wondering if I should go out for lunch! :P

And now for the act that set the standard for laziness when I was in primary school!!

1) I was the class co-ordinator when I was in 7th grade. Everyday I had to get the attendance register signed by the principal of our school. That day after the class I was standing in front of her with the attendance register when suddenly there was an earthquake! She shouted at everyone to vacate the school. Everyone left except for me! I was still standing there in front of her with my attendance register. She was  astonished to find me still standing there and asked for the reason. I told her that her office was in 2nd floor and if she didn't sign the register now then I would have to walk up the stairs to her office and I was very tired to do that! By that time the earthquake had stopped and in my defence I told her that the earthquake wasn't that major or anything and I felt that the building wasn't gonna collapse! :P I spent the next three days spending my lunch hours at her office getting counselling about the dangers of earthquake! I still feel thankful that she didn't call my parents suggesting a psych eval for me. Lol.

But being lazy has many advantages:-

1) I never lose my stuffs, because they are always right where I left/dropped them- my bed!
2) I do just the right amount of work to get something done.
3) Instead of useless stuffs such as bathing/eating/studying I can devote more time to stuffs that actually matter- playing computer games/watching movies/sleeping. 8|
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