Lets say I don't believe Australia exists. How can one prove to me that Australia exists?

Proof is such an immature thing to demand. It is the intellectual equivalent of stamping your foot and saying petulantly, "I won't believe. I won't!"

Proof is for mathematics and formal logic, and derivatives of those (non-empirical) sciences.

In empirical matters there is no "proof". There are only good reasons.

There are no good reasons to believe Australia does not exist. After all, I am sitting a few feet above its surface right at the moment. And there are plenty of good reasons to think Australia does exist. For one thing, Bass and Flinders sailed all the way around some continent, and we call it "Australia". We could have called it something else (New Holland maybe), and then "Australia" would not exist, New Holland would exist instead. Same chunk of land though.

"Lets say [you] don't believe Australia exists." Well then you are being silly. You can evade every attempt to show you that Australia exists by perpetual artful dodging.

A major in philosophy taught me a few things. One I remember well: a lecturer saying that you can defend any viewpoint indefinitely if you are prepared to strain credulity. The fact that you can do so does not prove you are right. Demanding "proof" is the last bastion of the intellectually dishonest person, who wants to hold onto their beliefs regardless.

Don't be that person.

2.21.2017 - "Lets say I don't believe Australia exists. How can one prove to me that Australia exists?"

The reason people attempt to prove that God exists is that they don't have empirical evidence.

But when we do have empirical evidence, that is how existence is best demonstrated.

If you don't accept indirect empirical evidence (travelogues, the Australian Government Website, books, atlases, space pictures of earth) I recommend:

  1. Buy an ocean passage to "Australia". Joke to the agent that you are going to a mythic place.
  2. Get on the ship. Have fun. Make sure to get drunk when crossing "the equator". Notice that you don't see the equator. Have more fun.
  3. When you get to "Australia" ask the English Speaking natives "What country is this?" and if they say "Australia", reply "surely you're joking" and keep this up. Don't say this to a drunk native-you don't want to get into a fist fight. You could say "but how do you know this is Australia" and they might say "well it's not merely a matter of knowing, it's also a matter of naming-we just like calling it Australia".

Would you consider 100 sober native Australians saying Australia is Australia proof enough?

I don't believe Australia exists, either. Borders and boundaries are fictional imaginations of the mind, which spread like viruses.

Tomorrow, the population of this fictional entity could decide to call themselves Fartland, after Bobby Fartsburger, Hero of the People who saved them from some global kangaroo crisis; and then NO ONE would think Australia exists, even conceptually.

Countries are ALL fictional. I think people forget that sometimes, and on the back of that make idiotic decisions about a great many things, that cause untold suffering, treat people inhumanly, and perpetuate ALL MANNER of violence upon them in the name of this fictional fairy tale story, usually painting this non-entity in some underdog light.

EVERY NATION ON EARTH imagines itself both the underdog and paragon of the world. They can't ALL be right, can they? It's time we dropped this stupid idea and accept that we're all the same. Our needs are all the same. How we go about meeting those needs is different. Waving a flag around is just bullshit, and perpetuates duality, violence and every other sort of terrible thing.

Because everyone agrees that there is something called Australia is just a GROUP FICTION. There was never a dog called Cujo, but this dog is in a story by Stephen King, and it has the same validity as Australia existing.

I'd put you on a plane and take you there. Far better than any written evidence or a community of people who believe in Australia (even with Australian accents) could convince you if you were sceptical.

I'd make sure you kept and eye on the geolocation map on the plane but if you didn't believe that I'd just leave you to your own delusional belief system you were brought up to believe.

If you were brought up in a community that taught children that Australia didn't exist it is likely that you would struggle to believe anything different because you would have to question everything about your upbringing and the values and trust you put in your parents and mentors.

So if you are convinced of something because that's how you were brought up, unless you have a strong and inquisitive character it may be best for you to stay safely in that comfort zone because of how much it will challenge you to believe otherwise.

Interesting question and one that transcends the obvious. The question seems like, and is being answered like the OP has a disbelief in a continent and is asking people to prove it exists. I believe the OP's question is more philosophical in nature, even theological.

Swap Australia for god, and you have a very common question that has yet to be answered.

If someone has never been to Australia, Australia could be as fictional as any other idea. Loch Ness monster, ghosts, god, werewolves, god.

The only difference between an entity such as Australia, and the aforementioned entities, is that 22 million people live in Australia, and it is very easy to travel by air to see it yourself physically. With god, werewolves and ghosts, nobody can physically view proof and therefore they cannot be proven to exist.

Everybody assumes Australia exists because of this, but nobody (other than a handful) believe werewolves exist. But billions of people believe god exists. Strange.

Supposed Australian here.

Why do I need to prove my existence to you? What's in it for me?

What if the the moon landings were fake? Why can't the world be flat and supported by elephants and a tortoise? What's to say one or more of an almost infinite amount of deities, aren't actually in charge?

Seriously, If I told you that I come from a continent with virtually no water, is filled with deadly spiders, venomous snakes, huge sharks, massive crocodiles, lethal jellyfish, Bogans, Vegemite, tree dwelling teddy bears and large bouncing creatures that carry their young around in a bag attached to their stomachs, I would not be surprised that you thought I was making it up. You might even be looking around for the hidden cameras.

You choose to believe what you want, it's your choice. Kick back and drink a Fosters, because we sure as hell don't. Maybe, just maybe, you have been punked with a Didgeridoo.

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