Life is magical in every sense. Do we have the right senses to see the magic?

yes, and even more so with the things we invent. Light, once thought to be one color, turns out to be a multitude of colors, and we can only see a small sliver of this spectrum. In rainbows, we can observe the order of the colors and see which color of light travels the fastest (hint:red). When we put a magnifying glass up to light, we observe black lines within the spectrum, and this is how astrophysicists determine the atmospheres of alien planets. We are made up of TRILLIONS of molecules. We are made up of the same elements of stars. depending on what you believe, we are directly made of star stuff. We cannot see even a fraction of the universe but we know it must be beyond comprehension in size. there could even be other universes out in the cosmos. It is magical and at the same time, it is science.

Can a microbiologist become a high school teacher?

In most cases, yes. Depending on the requirements of the State of residence, a degreed individual can take steps to obtain a teaching certificate. In the case of a microbiologist, an alternative teaching certification as a secondary composite or life sciences teacher would likely

Why was Pluto reclassified from planet to dwarf planet?

Pluto was originally considered a planet when we first observed it. Why? Because it was a thing orbiting the sun. A relatively big thing. However, when we started realizing how many other objects like Pluto there are in the Kuiper Belt and Asteroid Belt, we starting doubting what should and should not be a planet.So

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