Love after marriage or marriage after love. Which is good?

Marriage after love is luck which is only possible these days if both of the person are strong enough to hold on to each other in all ups and downs. So if that is possible then marriage after love is beautiful and romantic. This somehow stays only till both are in love with each other. Mostly in marriage after love people tend to change as there nature and romance gets replaced by responsibilities and work. So they find it more important to attend there work and find less time towards love and romance. So slowly this love is lost and what is left is a marriage only with responsibilities.

Now in Love after marriage both were first strangers and now fell in love with each other which is like a Blessing. So finding a person who falls in love with you after marriage is the most wonderful and beautiful thing in life. In this the people fell in love gradually with the nature of each other and love the responsibilities and working with each other. This leads to a happy married life as most of the time is spent knowing and loving each other.Very few lucky souls fall in love with each other after marriage and there life is happiest till death brings them apart. So for me Love after marriage is the best but it is a miracle which happens very rare.

People living longer and longer, is that good or bad?

It's good it's hard to achieve everything you could potentially achieve in 80 years and even 150 years might not be long enough but it would certainly make things easier. The key here though is not to think about lifespan but healthspan

If I lose muscle mass will I be able to do a pull up?

I doubt it has anything to do with only body weight and muscle weight.There are full-grown bodybuilders doing pull-ups, and then there is 68 kg professional climber Adam Ondra pulling himself up using only three fingers. Strength is not how big a muscle is,

What is the best running shoe for people who get shin splints frequently?

Shin splints are usually caused by excessive force and the muscles swellings around the shin bone. This can cause inflammation around the bone. It can also be caused by stress fractures. Stress fractures are more serious injury and would require rest. Also make sure you have enough calcium in your diet and your getting plenty of vitamin