My Australian visa was denied. Can it affect my New Zealand visa application?

During your application for New Zealand visa, you will be asked whether you have previously been declined for a visa or entry permission from any other country.

If you choose to hide your decline from INZ, your application will be negatively impacted if INZ finds out.

You should disclose your decline, and explain why you were declined.

As Australia and New Zealand have similar visa standards, the reason for your previous decline may impact on your NZ application. For example, if you were declined because you filed documents late, then you may still be granted a visa. However, if you were declined because you were found to have breached immigration rules, then your chances are reduced drastically.

In my professional practice I have seen visas in NZ declined, with one of the cited reasons being a declined Australian visa, but I have also seen clients been approved for a NZ visa despite numerous declined Australian visas.

If you look on the map, Australia and New Zealand are two separate countries.
As such, they do not have a unified immigration/customs unit, and hence do not share information among themselves.

You've posted numerous questions about visas, raising spamming concerns: from UK to Poland, now New Zealand and Australia.
Are you actually looking for answers or trying to scam the visa entry system?

Lots of answers, some good some less so.

As Lucas Davies noted you really need to talk to a New Zealand licensed immigration adviser and/or lawyer, no one here can give more than very general information.

Yes, it can and very possibly will affect your case. You are required to declare this on your application. The fact that you have also been removed from the UK for exceeding the limits of your visa is also material.

What you may not know is that the Five Eyes countries (Australia , Canada, NZ, UK and USA) have since 2009 shared biometric data to combat immigration fraud. This means that any failure to disclose is very likely to get picked up and result in denial or removal especially as you come from a country that is rightly or wrongly perceived to be riskier than many others. Since you were removed from the UK that makes it all the more likely your fingerprints are in the system.

The problem I see here is that you seem to be presenting a pattern of apparent deception on Quora which looks very much like a series of attempts to game the system. You have say you have no travel history but were removed from the UK for exceeding your visa limitations; now you are trying the US, Canada Aus and NZ. I understand your wanting to move, but you have to be scrupulously honest in your dealings; a visa or residence permit for any country is a privilege, not a right, and the people issuing the paperwork need to be satisfied that you are a fit and proper person to be allowed into the country. If they have any doubts or you don't meet the requirments you won't be allowed in.

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Yes one can definitely apply for NZ even if he has been refused the visa from Australia. There is no relationship between 2 countries when it comes to visa decision given that visa is not refused due to reasons like fake document etc.

NZ study visa procedure is lot easier as compared to that of Australia. The biggest advantage is that in NZ one need to pay the fee to the college only once visa is Approved in Principal (AIP). Once immigration gives AIP to the candidate then only candidate is required to pay the fee.

Advance fee payment is a big problem in Australia as in case visa is rejected, candidate has to wait on an average 2 months to get fees back. Even if fee is refunded, one suffers a great loss in terms of rate of dollar and a huge visa fee.

Moreover NZ always has easier PR rules as compared to Australia.

For more information, I can be reached at

Yes you can apply, but there is no guarantee of you getting the visa.

Given the two countries operate in similar ways, you run a risk of being rejected for the same issue, unless you address the issue before the application.

And no, you were not rejected "due to interview". You were rejected because you did not satisfy one or more criteria specified in the interview screening process. This should be clearly stated in your rejection letter, read it carefully.

If you don't understand it or don't know what to do, seek professional help through a registered migration agent.

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