My boyfriend has no confidence that "we" will have a future together. Is this a clue to break up? He saids he still loves me, but he's not willing to try harder to improve the relationship. What should I do?

I've said this before to other girls on Quora and I'll say it again. Escort him to the front door, show him out and firmly shut it- and never open it to him again! If this guy has no intention of trying harder to make your relationship and you happier, then you are wasting your time! Look ahead a few more years when you are hurt, lonely and perhaps have children to this person. It will be much harder to leave under those circumstances. Cut your losses now and find a loving caring man who can and wants to make a commitment to you! All the best!

I am 17. Does lifting heavy weights affect your body?

Yes, it makes your body stronger. It tells your brain that you can do it, allowing you to lift more.It tells your muscles to grow and it builds more capillaries allowing you to lift more and move more efficientlyIt tells

How often do married couples argue?

Truth be told, it's a very individual thing and the arguments aren't what matter, it's how you make up and move forward that counts.My wife and I have constant disagreements, but we also know to spend a little time apart every now and then, and to make a

Which programming language is the best to learn first, and which ones should I learn after? I want to learn from the easiest to the hardest languages.

I answered this on my blog (odd with the same exact phrasing ‘Which programming language should I learn first?', so I'll repost here:I. What programming language should I learn first?A common question I see all the time in programming forums is ‘What programming language should I