My boyfriend never calls me, only texts, what should I do?

We could condense this general Q. down to "My _____ always/never says or does ______ What should I do?"

I have to say I can' t stand "texting". It's the communcation form of The Devil. LOL! I like phone calls but nobody phones anyone any more! This is a Mistake in society as it encourages people to fail to practice communicating "properly".

Ex; 10yrs ago I met someone whom I initially got on very well with. One evening after game of Monopoly she came stormng into the room after 2mins absence ranting abusive claptrap at me and she wouldn't draw breath. Needless to say - I packed up my stuff and left What else was there to do?? A week later? I received A Text Hurray - a Too Short message that'll probably lead to misinterpretation and another "undesireable conflict". It asked me to explain or account for myself. I hadn't knowingly (or deliberately/sneakily) done anything wrong, I returned the shortest possible answer to her Q. Unhelpfully my Service Provider split it into 3 msgs,; I didn't know that. I was duly accused by one of her thug mates of "bombarding her" and Mental Health Services and/or Alcoholics Anon having played a part in her life sprung immediately to mind.

Have I mentioned that I can't stand Texts?

Sometimes there are valid reasons why some people don't like to chat over the phone. For a few it's because they don't want to pay for the phone call. For others its' because they don't want calls recorded on a Home Landline or their mobile phone bill. Although I prefer talking over the phone the reason why I declined to voicechat with my friend in India is because I don't have perfect bilateral hearing and I really struggle with the combination of Poor Quality Line & Indian Accent. I didn't want to introduce a problematic issue into our friendship hence we only chat by keyboard. It works - because it's not limited to 126 characters. We can exchange photos or share links to hilarious or serious & informative videos.

If it's really important to you that he sometimes talks to you by phone, ask him to compromise and have a few evenings when either of you can call the other. It doesn't mean you have to, it means you're "welcome" to, and he'll try to be free to take the call. If he won't compromise then think how important this is to you.

Is it a Relationship Deal Breaker?

I am one person who hates Texting!!!!

Ok if he usually calls you when you guys started then now he only texts you......something is breaking and its not him or you its your relationship.

Tell me something is it usually the same time he always calls you because that is not good.

But on the other side.....he might be shy. Boys are so easy to read when it comes to communicating. If he doesn't call you ever but he agrees to meet you wherever you guys are having your date at then he is a shy dude trying to come out of his shell slowly. Give him time, might be longer then you think.

You: Hi Boyfriend. Can I tell you something?

Him: Sure, love.

You: Would you mind to call me, rather than text me, when you want to talk?

I understand you can't call sometimes, like when you're in a meeting, but I love hearing your voice.

Him: Sure, love. I'll call when I can.

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