My car has been broken into, contents were stolen and I'm holder of a fully comprehensive car insurance, am I covered?

The comprehensive car insurance cover will cover contents of the car that were present during purchase of policy. This means if your car came with an installed radio and GPS systems, was covered under your car insurance and was stolen, the company will give you the insurance money.

However when you refer to contents such as your laptop or other personal belongings you left in your car and it was stolen, unfortunately these aren't covered. What you could do in such a scenario is check if your home insurance has this covered.

Thanks for the A2A. In the US, the comprehensive portion of your automobile insurance will  cover certain verifiable contents less your deductible. It is advisable to submit a police report when making a claim.
It is different with every state, and every company.  It is likely your cars damage will be covered by your car insurance. That means the car, and anything permanently installed (bolted) in the car.  You may be able to file under your homeowners coverage for contents. But you would have another deductible first. Check with your agent, they should be able to tell you.
Most likely with a fully comprehensive policy you are covered. It is normally called contents insurance. There will normally be a limit of up to a few hundred dollars and you might have to pay a proportion of it. Your policy document/schedule should have that information.

Contents are covered under your home/condo/renters policy. Some companies do have some contents coverage through social packages (Safeco). Comprehensive on the auto policy is specifically for the covers vehicle.

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