My car was broken into but nothing was broken or stolen. What do I do?

Depending on where you live, usually there's a law enforcement non-emergency number you can call to report it. Depending on the the police department, they'll either record it for their records, send someone to do a more detailed report (which I can't see any point in at the moment), or just completely blow it off as no big deal.

I actually did leave my car unlocked in the carport of my apartment once because there was nothing of value in it. Living in a city notorious for people randomly looking for unlocked doors to take advantage, it was probably not a good idea. When I went to my car the next morning, I found the driver's door slightly open. Did a quick check and nothing damaged or disturbed but they took the only thing that was accessible which was a tube of sunblock that I keep for when I put the top down on sunny days. I'm not sure what the street value of sunblock is but since I had no viable information to give and the value was less than $5, I think if I had called it in in this town, the person answering the phone would have laughed at me.

I'm not sure if this is a serious question.  If it is:

1. If you want to do something, contact an automotive security specialist. Ask him or her about remote entry security.  Get a hidden camera and LoJack installed inside your car.  Park in lots or garages with parking attendants and surveillance.  You could also try calling the police (on a non-emergency line), but expect them to have the same attitude as I do.  If you don't for whatever reason, then I conclude this issue is not that important to you anyway.

2. You realize that people lose family members to disease and conflict all over the world?  If your "helplessness" interferes with your ability to function, visit a mental health professional.

3. You are, presumably, an adult.  If you honestly believe that there's no point to locking your car, then don't, and accept the consequences.

"My car was broken into but nothing was broken or stolen. What do I do?"

First lets get something straight. You said" your car was BROKEN into." Then you go on to say nothing was broken or stolen. If your car was indeed broken into then you car was broken i.e. window busted out, door lock popped etc. If so then you would get a police report done.

But if your just using the word broken into to mean some one got into your car and rummaged around and nothing was taken or broken. Put your stuff back and count yourself lucky. you can call the police and get a report taken but you will never hear a thing about it again. Unless someone confesses.

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