My friend said that a rich man should spend so much money over weddings and functions. Otherwise the accumulated money won't come out. How sensible is this? Should I hope for big fat weddings?

The amount you spend on a wedding shouldn't be related to your wealth, at least not directly. If you can afford a big fat Indian wedding, AND YOU ENJOY DOING IT FOR YOURSELVES AND GUESTS then of course do it. But you should never just "flex your muscles" because all the fancy dresses, the fireworks, the entertainment won't matter if the love is not genuinely felt in the evening.

Do you hate immigrants in your country?

Not at all. I welcome all who have followed the rules and regulation to legally reside here. They, and my immigrant grandparents are what makes this country unique.Every single immigrant group has contributed to what has come to be known as

What did Stalin think of the Irish?

Not a lot, if Tim Pat Coogan is to be believed. There's a passage in TPC's THE IRA in which he described a contingent of IRA officers going to Moscow to meet men who had significant positions in the Politburo. The group

What incident changed your life completely for class 9?

My dad moved from Gujarat to Punjab when I just started my 9th. Till the day I joined that school, I was a very shy and introvert girl.But, that school changed me a lot. It made me a person I am right now.I was new and