My friend was not happily married because she was in love with her bf. She divorced her husband and married her bf. Suddenly after marriage her bf started behaving badly and accuses her every time. Should she get divorced again?

Your friend is a practicing hypergamist. She is Monkey branching from one man to the next. Everything in her life is based on emotion. So since everything is based on emotion ,that makes it ok in her mind to break her word because she "loves" someone else now. All without anything being her fault, at least in her mind. She was supposedly happily married. But then you say also in love with her boyfriend. Both of these things can not exist at once. Now she says the new husband is behaving badly. Can you see how once again nothing is her fault? This is easy to do when everything is based on emotion. She can just keep screwing up peoples lives, and then blame it all on love, or lack of love.....Either way and most importantly its not her fault. She is just a poor victim(at least in her mind). This is how monkeybranching works...I would be willing to bet that there us another man not too far down the road.

Do buzz cuts look good on guys?

Hello there..This is Raj.. We'll Talk about some of the coolest hairstyles for men..UNDERCUT has really taken the trend since a year.Guys who love wet look go with SLICK BACK hairsytle.TAPPER FADED one's have also been in the buzz.MESSY cut are taken away by the guys with dry hair.These all hair style's are trending now..Do checkout my Hair

How to stop hating who I am

Start by listing your positive qualities.Take a pen and a paper. Make a list.Doesn't matter how trivial your items are, just list them.For example, good hair? Nice to people? Caring? Or great nails! Or I gave a dollar to a homeless person.Keep writing about your qualities and

Is modern technology making life better?

Nowadays, modern technologies have become indispensable parts in many sectors from communication to transportation to food processing. Some people argue that the advent of advanced technologies makes life more complicated and people busier. From my own point of view, most of those technologies have positive impact on society.I think, new technologies have helped people achieve many things