My friends father has mental health issues (bipolar/OCD) but he refuses to acknowledge it & won't partake in any form of treatment. He doesn't have a job. They won't get divorced but It's affecting her And her mother's life. What can they do?

This scenario seems like it is so specific, yet I bet it is more common than one would expect.

He is ill. He will never get better. This will not only not end until death, but may get worse. He is not less ill than someone with diabetes. Understanding this is possibly the only real choice left. It has to guide every decision you ever make.

What are the best personal blogging WP themes?

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How does fitness bands work?

From keeping track of your exercises to how much fat you have burned, the only reason why fitness trackers exist is to make you fit and healthy. They can even warn you to get away from the sun if you are exercising outside for too