My husband always start shouting whenever I order sweets. I love eating sweets and he don't want me to eat sweets. What should I do?

Why doesn't your husband want you to eat sweets? Is it because of his concern for your health? Is it to control spending unnecessarily? Or is it a control issue where he wants to control you and limit your freedoms?

You should discuss with your husband about how his restrictions make you feel. If you want to enjoy sweets you should be able to within reasonable limits so as not to bring harm to your health. I say this because all too often people don't think of the burden placed on the spouse and family when they neglect their health.

If he is not a control freak then work out a plan that will get you to enjoy sweets but not too much. So he can be assured that you are taking care of your health and limiting sweets but still enjoying a bit when you want to.

If he is a control freak then set limits on how much he can control you. You should not be critized for enjoying something that makes you happy. Little things should be nipped in the bud so that the control doesn't increase over time.

Another thing to consider is how you are feeling. Often, we turn to sweets as comfort food when we are feeling low about certain issues. Try to think if you are eating too many sweets and if you are eating to compensate for something that is making you feel stressed or unhappy.

Can we discriminate against mentally ill professional at work?

In the U.S. you may not discriminate based on age or disability of any sort. You MAY discriminate based on the individual's actual competency with reasonable accommodations. You may not have a policy that requires, for example, that professionals must retire by age 65 (or 75 or 85 or 105), but you may terminate a professional of

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Is it true that people who don't give up on their goal have less anxiety & depression as compared to those who give up so easily?

MILD to MODERATE depression I would say your statement is probably correct.Having goals, making efforts to achieve and being active and completing/finishing goals(however small) are all certainly powerful antidepressants.On the other hand, Giving up on goals often gives a strong