My husband fell asleep while making love to me, does that mean he no longer loves me?

I think if he no longer loved you, he wouldn't be making love to you. As embarrassing as it is, this happened to me once with an ex girlfriend after a wedding and a lot of alcohol. The only thing on my mind was trying to please her after a long day looking at each other dressed up nice and looking great.

I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep. But she wanted more. I did my best to muster the last reserves of energy I had to give her what she wanted... the next day she was really mad at me for falling asleep on top of her.

In the case of your husband... I don't know. But based on the little information you provided, I think the guy was just trying his best to please you, despite wanting to give in to his body and fall asleep. And while it kinda sucks that he fell asleep, I'd give him credit for trying.

I don't understand what your husband being tired has to do with him loving you? While it is possible that his falling asleep and showing a lack of interest in sex could reflect that his feelings for you have changed, it's more likely something else. His behaviour otherwise is what you should base your conclusions on.

If he was a bad husband who treated you poorly but was conscientious when it came to sex, would that mean that he loved you? Of course not! It would mean that he likes sex and nothing about his feelings for you.

You need to bring it up with him and explain that you felt hurt by it, but don't overreact to it. If that's the only thing he's doing wrong then you've got a bloody good husband.
I don't think so. Most likely meant he was super tired from the start but he really wanted to be intimate with you so he tried anyway lol.

But if you are questioning his love for you, you might have valid concerns aside from this issue. Take some time and really examine the reasons you might be wondering if he still loves you. It could be some insecure moments on your part, it could be misunderstanding his intentions on things he does and says, it could be that you aren't getting what you need from him right now and therefore you've started to feel lonely and empty, or maybe you're right and he's drifting away.

Decide what you really need from him and then ask him for it. What does he do that shows you he really loves you? Is he still doing that thing? If not, is it really because he cares less or could it be something else he's dealing with? Don't be afraid to talk to him about how you feel.

Hope that helps.

It means he's super relaxed after orgasming. He just can't stay awake. I understand how you feel. You, as a woman, are capable of multiple orgasms , plus you want to cuddle and have that connection afterwards .

You've got to cut your husband some slack . Does he cuddle a lot at other times , maybe like while the two if you are watching a movie together while lying together on the couch? At other times, when he isn't so tired , do you make love then, so you two can cuddle?

You did not provide overall context to this question, but based on what you asked , it doesn't necessarily seem like that he no longer loves you, just because he fell asleep while making love to you.

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