My husband goes out late at night and doesn't come home until 3 am. I ask him where he goes and he says to a friends. What should I do?


My EX husband did exactly that same thing. I was naive and thought he just needed some growing up to do .... 10 years later I was still sitting at home, now with 3 children, and he was still out "hanging" with his buddies until 3 am. I finally found out he had been cheating on me (he admitted) for years. People hanging out drinking or taking drugs are not able to be faithful. They have already put THEIR fun BEFORE you and your needs. Plus they lack inhibition when they are impaired and all it takes is opportunity and they will be cheating ... then they lie lie lie to get to keep their two lives, all the while exposing you to venerial diseases.

After our divorce my ex worked under the table to escape paying child support. He claimed he LOVED me, he claimed he LOVED our kids. Men who love their wives and children SUPPORT them FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY. A man who loves his wife craves to be with her. His ACTIONS showed that he NEVER knew real love or commitment. His words were lies.

I am happily married now to a REAL man who really loves me and my children. A man who Really loves you WANTS to be with you. He does not leave you home alone or with the kids. I do want him to go out for a beer with his buddies now and then, or go golfing or fishing... and I need my ME time too, but there is a BALANCE. My new husband always asks me if it's OK when he has a "guy" invitation out and always takes my feelings into consideration. Of course most of our socializing is TOGETHER, going out with other couples to dinner parties and the like. He loves to show me off and loves me on his arm.


I went with my grown married oldest daughter to see what her first husband was REALLY up to at 3 am in the morning. We found his car at a woman's house and he came out with no apologies (knowing he was busted). I was sorry my beautiful loyal daughter/mother of a 1 year old had to ever witness that disloyalty. It was unbelievably heart breaking.

I am so thankful she is married to a GOOD KIND LOVING LOYAL man now; that is what a good wife deserves. THAT IS WHAT YOU DESERVE. ❤

Which are the best hacking apps for rooted Android?

Can u be a more precise on what u call hacking here :)But surely I can name u some apps that are definitely of great use to rooted users..Es file explorerTitanium backup (great app for managing backups.. The backup would also work if

Does the USA have any laws that limits how many times you can get married?

I have no idea about any restrictions in the USA but...I work in a church office and yesterday a couple of our members were married. I was doing the paperwork last week and had to ring the bride to clarify a couple of details. Well, I say paperwork but although the forms she

I'm 16 and somewhere between 270-300 pounds. Also 6'0. What would be the best way to lose weight at my age?

If possible, get the advice of a professional, a doctor, and a nutritionist. At 16 you're still developing, and you need to ensure that whatever approach you choose is still giving you the nutrition you need and is appropriate for your age and ability level. Whatever you do,