My husband has filed for divorce and is not ready to give his property details. How can I get them?

It would depend upon many factors. Where the case is filed, is it legal requirement for him to give these details etc.

So unless you come out with complete details, no answer is possible,


Shonee Kapoor
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How does a person feel after cheating on her partner?

Thanks for A2AMajority of people who cheat ,does so out of rationalization, i.e they believe that they have some logical reason to cheat and complusion to cheat, these types of people practically don't feel anything, since they are pretty convinced beforehand that they need to cheat.Rest handful are habitual cheaters, again don't feel anything.Few

How can one cure a fatty liver?

10 Natural Remedies for 3 Liver DiseasesThree Stages of Liver DiseasesLet's first talk about the three stages of liver diseases so that you may contain the issue right at the beginning by curing liver disease at the first stage itself. The three stages of liver diseases are:1. Fatty