My husband said he doesn't love me. Should I leave him?

Yes. You cannot force someone to love you. You are meant to someone out there.

I know it is not easy for you. Can you re-assess yourself on why he no longer loves you? See yourself in the mirror and ask why? There could be many reasons.

Look! For now you heard the truth. Do some radical changes. Start on your physical appearance. Trip to the gym, relax in the steam or sauna room. Join yoga. Enhance your beauty, in and out. I mean including your attitudes about life and everything.

Do not keep your heartache. Tell to people who care about you. However if you have no one call the good Samaritan. Just scrape off  the bad feelings out  of your system.

Do not hate your husband. It is hard but you have to  face and embrace the truth. Put yourself in his shoes. If you turn the table around, say for example you are the one who no longer love your husband. In reality, we cannot force someone to love us that is why it is time for you to learn to be in love with yourself. If someone loves us it is just a bonus. Do not expect anybody to love you. Love is free from the giver.

Now, you can cry but not for long. Stop and do something about your life. Make yourself marketable. I mean improve for what you have. Start from your appearance, attitudes and traits and world education. Hone your talent. Do not say you have not got one. Find it yourself. Search some hobbies you enjoy.

Explore about life. Go and meet people. Have you heard about ceroc dance all over the United Kingdom or if you are living abroad, find interesting social group in your area.

Show it to your husband that he is the best thing that happened to you. You are a new you. You have now a trim-toned physique, interesting hobbies and happy. Show him that your world is better even without him. Be strong. You must use this heartache as your great challenge for the better outcome but not a failure.
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