My long-distance boyfriend is planning on moving to LA for us to move in together. Can you help us figure out if we're ready?

You should already know if you are ready or not, you shouldn't need people, who don't know how your relationship is daily, to help decide that for you.

Unless you BOTH are ready for marriage, and a long term commitment, Do NOT let him move to where you are, and then be heartbroken and lost if you ever broke up.

Only make that move if you BOTH know EXACTLY how the other feels, otherwise, it may lead to disaster

Do dead lifts work the lats?

Here's how I see it. There could be 2 ways of coming at this question. Is the deadlift the way to optimally work the lats? No. There are other exercises (Pull-ups, Rows, etc.) that are much more specific because of the shoulder adduction and extension they provide.

When should I do deadlifts? On my back day or on my legs day?

I'm gonna give one of the classic Quora-brand "I'm gonna flip your question on its head" answers and say: I like to deadlift EVERY day :P Chest day, shoulder day, back day, rugby day, Valentine's day, every day except rest days. And squat day, now that I think about it. In

What is one thing everyone gets wrong about healthy living?

I'm not sure that there is one thing that EVERYONE gets wrong, but there are a few things that a lot of people get wrong. I'll give a small list:Overestimating the contribution of workout above a good dietConfusing starving oneself of essential macro nutrients for being on a good dietThinking that protein shakes and supplements