My mom (who is 53 and divorced) keeps running into scammers via online dating. Where can I find a real single military man for her to write to as a pen pal for good conversations and friendship?

Online dating is a really difficult platform to navigate if you are looking for a specific type of person to meet.

Dating, in general, should be more about meeting new types of people and learning about who they are and if they fit well into your lifestyle and choices. I would encourage your mom to meet as many men as she can, just on a friendly basis, to see what types of men of available in her area (both online and offline). I would also suggest having her spend more time at social events or gatherings to increase the number of men she's meeting. It wouldn't be fair for her to just meet one or two guys and assume that there isn't anything out there for her.

Best of luck!
Why do YouTubers get paid so much money?

The basic model is a split between the video creator and adsense (Google). YouTube provides the platform, search traffic, and ads. The YouTuber provides the content. When people watch they are shown ads which have been paid for. The money that's generated is

How helpful is weight lifting for developing fast twitching muscle fibers?

Very good if done properly. To do so properly, however, you really should have a velocity meter, otherwise, you're just guessing.Squats & Science | OpenBarbell V3 is a decent quality, pro-sumer velocity meter. If you're targeting fast twitch fibers, you need to consistently move weight quickly and

Why doesn't my boyfriend feel like spending time with me?

Mature girls merely need little time. Good talks and time. I know its very hard to live apart yet not even knowing what is going on in each others life. He is busy. BUT(a but in capitals) make him understand that if you learned to live happily without even caring, your relationship