My mom works for a woman I don't trust. During travel, they shared a hotel room. In the morning, my mom found her wallet stolen. Her boss said someone broke-in but, after security came, she found it on the floor. Should I tell her to quit this job?

I'm looking this that follows. Your mom works for the lady she with. She is your mothers boss. If her boss is the one paying her, owner or representative, so boss is probably paying the hotel rate. I'm thinking this could be her supervisor and that would be another story was a similar ending though.

Going woth what you stated. If your mom has a job where she travels, I'm sure is a vehicle, feel, food expenses.. etc is being paid. It would be unusual for a business with a number of employees to plan plan a trip & not want her own privacy. Usually the boss will have their own room in for your mother privacy and hers. Sometimes if 2+ employees are going, 2 to a room. If she had to steal from yout mom or tried.. Maybe in over her head. If you mom is not being paid on time than she shold find liable employment. Do yo u feel like it's and employment Source where money isn't an issue? It might mean she had a drug habit & she was looking for rx info versus money. Maybe to see if she need to somehow get ahold of her purse for product. Might take money to purchase them possibly. You didn't mention that or any other fault. So I think the business is small. Maybe your mom is her only employee. Even a caretaker on a Dr trip..

Before making suggestions ask yourself some things. Most important, is she okay with what happened & possible mistake in her eyes?

How long she's been employed there & if she's been paid timely?

Is this the first trip or she's been or others & stayed in the same room? Any other situation? Does she ask your mom to borrow money or anything?

Does your mom like the job & does she have all the qualifications to get a similar position? Are these positions usually open? I'm only guessing and of course but trying to take a good guess.

I think her boss was being nosey toward her employee. I think she planned on leaving the wallet somewhere or put it back where it was at and somehow your mom soiled her plan. She didn't have time to put it back somewhere. Maybe she didn't expect your mom gets very anxious so fast. Since she employees your mom... and knows your mom and situations usually with employees, she would have a pretty good idea how much your mother would have since she pays her salary there knows the date she pays her, how many days it's been & she'd guess the amount of money leftover with just basic bills with great accuracy. If they room together, they connect enough and must share a lot of information together. Gnome in little bits and pieces about each other forming many pictures and maybe good friends. Or at least a decent relationship.

Her boss might be nosey. Looking to see what she has. What she looks like on ID, pictures, papers, she might think your mom is hiding something from her & wanted to check it out. Maybe your mom was driving license and she's tried to verify something with license or look for an insurance paper. I don't think she would be so dumb as to still her wallet and act like someone robbed her. The thief sneaking in while they're asleep just for today a wallet. If she had any sense at all... would or should know the hotel knows how many times have been accessed, time logs, rrally good records & security cameras. So she didn't take it she didn't plan on keeping it more than likely. Or taking anything to keep out of the wallet. She could have a reassured your mom that the wallet was here or there or she found it on the floor and she picked it up and put it somewhere. Those lies would come to her first more than likely. She's would not want security involvement.

Either she going to talk being nosey either she going to talk being nosey and mysterious embarrassed I want to say or was just overlooked. There's a good chance her boss is telling the truth. I did see a lot of factors being different if it was just a lie. If for some reason she was desperate enough to take it, she wouldn't really be able to afford to give it back...

Probably has overlooked mistake. Then just looks coincidental probably because it is. So many things happened that seems so obvious but it's just the way it is sometimes.I know I'm saying this right for her boss to go through her information without permission. Of course, that's very wrong to do. Just like using the restroom at a friend's house and looking in their medicine cabinets just for the hell of it. Somehow people are drawn to that. I was going to suggest kleptomaniaba a possibility but I think your mom would notice signs of something being off. My hearing of her having little incidents here and there with her in the past.

I wouldn't make any suggestions without knowing if she tried to harm your mother financially or not. Right now it's just an assumption and could have very well been no wrongdoing at all and even looking straight at it without never seen it or somehow it just got there somehow.

I think it would be jumping the gun I think it would be jumping the gun if you suggested something very strongly. It could have a lot of hardship over nothing. If she hasn't suggested it... Maybe she would like to trust until that's not possible any longer and she would want to move on immediately.

Is very nice that you were looking out for your mother and making sure she's not being taken advantage of. You can always talk with her about it. Talk with her about the situation than how she feels or if she feels anything about it. I'm not worried one bit about this. Sometimes in life and it's necessary to take someone at their word. Sometimes it's costly, often not and very rewarding. You find out a lot about yourself & another person. One can even build confidence seeing things as little pieces of success. Long lasting friendships. Or boost in confidence. If it doesn't work out, you still learn a lot about yourself and people. Is it save a lot of money down the road. If it's someone that's not trustworthy... definitely not unless she like a challenge. Nothing huge like trusting a life with someone. Is something small. Just something slow don't be used as a trust-building tool.

A lot of people say, if it looks like a duck & talks like a duck & walks like a duck.. they believe it must be one. A duck. I disagree with that. I think if it does all that, it is very possible just be a coincidence. They happen so often. Too often.

A lot of things can look like a duck he and talk like a duck and walk like a duck. Way too many to say it is one. Think you'd be a platypus walking funny & making weird noises.

Then there are occasions when we think we see the something & nothing really there. A shadow. We hear talking but it ends up being the radio left on. We see walking but it really is our overactive imagination because we are trying too hard to see something up there.

If it turns out she wrongs your mom & you know for sure... it might be a good opportunity and there for a reason.

Wishing you the best of luck!

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