My mother passed away 7 months ago and I used to feel her presence around me at night. But lately, it feels like she has left me. How do I know she is truly gone?

Picture yourself as your mom. Imagine that she's left the planet, but knows that she can still see, hear, be around you. And no matter how much she tries to speak with you, communicate with you - all she gets from you is that funny look on a person's face when they think someone just "walked by." No amount of standing at the edge of your bed, tickling you, making you smell her perfume, had prompted you to sit up and say "Mom I know you're here. I love you and please tell me what it is you're trying to tell me. I'll listen."

I'm kidding - sorry. I know it's hard to imagine all of this. I'm here to tell you that she is never gone.

Never truly gone.

She's standing right behind you at this very moment, pointing to these words on the screen. "See? I told you I was still here." She's not gone. Reach out to her and let her know it's okay to always be connected to you - she has her own adventure she's on. She's fine, healthy, happy - not suffering in any way shape or form, and can see miles further than any of us, knows about your path and journey and wants to help you. Just let her.

My two cents.

Is San Francisco's food and restaurant scene overrated?

I've lived in and around San Francisco for most of my life and have also had the fortune to travel to many locales domestically and internationally that are known for great dining of various types - NYC, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Japan, Taiwan, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, etc.I think the food and restaurant "scene" in San Francisco

What is sleep paralysis? How can it be treated?

Sleep paralysis is as old as humanity itself and until this day no radical explanation that truly makes sense encompassing the truth has been found other than speculations, speculations especially from the scientific community and those entertaining themselves with the mystical worlds. Please allow me to eradicate once and for all, all of the mysteries and falsified believes

How to get six-pack abs as soon as possible

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