My partner of two years is moving back to his home country in Spain. He loves me but isn't confident in the relationship working if I move with him, what should I do?

He is not happy with his life where he's at. Things didn't turn out the way he wanted, which isn't your fault. Sometimes, it's hard for some people to move to another country, and he feels he was happier in Spain. He's turned negative about his situation. This is not your fault. If he really felt positive about having the relationship continue, he would tell you to come. Maybe since he didn't love his life in the other country, he's wondering if you would like Spain due to the differences. Who knows? But he is not in a good place.

How to stop eating big amounts of food

Original Question Asked: The food portions I eat are too big. How do I stop?I'm an ex WeightWatchers leader and this is what I taught.You need to train your stomach to accept less. These are some easy steps to achieve that.Don't cook when you're hungry. Try to pre-prepare foods to eat later when

What will happen if I workout my biceps triceps and lats everyday?

First, so many people try to build their arms and focus way too much on their biceps. Did you know that the biceps is only 1/3 or your upper arms? Yes the other 2/3 is the triceps. If you look

My ex boyfriend called the cops on me and is trying to get with another girl?

You're already calling him your ex.Why do you even care about whom he's with now...Let it go.Don't lose your sleep over something which is already gone my friend, trust me. My ex left me for someone else too. I was exactly in your place then. No good came out of me