My wife left me after 7 months of being married. Will she ever come back?

What reason would she have to come back?

That is the question you need to answer. She was obviously unhappy. That unhappiness needs to be addressed in an appropriate way.

And if this is a case where she married you, but was in love with someone else, it's highly unlikely there is anything you can do to tempt her back. She's sampled what you have to offer, she didn't want any more of what she had.

Sorry, but in these situations, it's almost always the end. It seldom does any good to go backwards.

Why do most people fear what they don't understand?

I completely agree with what Ian and LeRoy have already written, and just want to add that the amygdala (that small ancient part of your brain that is responsible, in part, for the flight-or-flight assessment) doesn't need full and complete information to activate. If something is "close enough" to a threat, your amygdala will

If you could build your ultimate home gym, what exercise equipment or machines would you include?

Thanks for asking, but I might be the wrong person to ask about this. I do mostly bodyweight training at home, so my gear is very minimal. Many people don't realize that you can get a very thorough, even hardcore, workout this way. The only real equipment that I use all the time is a pullup bar, because it's