Often at the streets I see couples kissing, and I always try to stare at them closely while they do it, I never minded to do so but, why kissing couples always ask me "Do You Mind"?

They are saying to you "do you mind" because your invading there private space - what part of that don't you get ?

while couples are kissing on the street , you are very close to them and your watching them ? You have alot to learn about social etiquette , alot to learn.

Where I come from, if you stood to close to a couple watching them kiss , you would be given one warning to leave immediately , otherwise they might punch you in the face.

Seriously, go find yourself your own girlfriend to kiss.

What is your favorite fitness class?

Hi! I personally have not attended many fitness classes, however I really like things like Yoga, Kenpo and dance. These are things that are fun and enjoyable for me that also get me moving my body that feels really good. It's so important to

Does cutting calories to lose body fat in lean tiny portions make someone to feel cold and have low energy? That's what I'm feeling. How much of a deficit, or how many calories should I burn to lose 2lbs a week or 1lb a week of fat?

Understanding how your body works and harmonizes with its natural fat burning abilities is crucial to safely, rapidly, and permanently lose unhealthy and unsightly pounds. An instance where you develop cold while shedding weight might be as a result of low calories consumption. Eating

Which animal species exhibit homosexual behaviors during times of overpopulation?

Your question's not specific. After a literal reading I'd be tempted to say "all", because I know of no animal species where their members engage in homnosexual behaviour turning it off during overpopulation times.But it seems to me you mean which ones use it as a coping strategy vs overpopulation. As far as I know,