Other than curls what's the best workout for biceps?

There are several ways you can get creative in your bicep development in addition to traditional curls that you would usually do with a barbell or by using dumbbells.

Any type of pulling movement will recruit your biceps to some degree especially when performing chin-ups or pull-ups. For example, strict chin-ups will help develop your biceps but you can enhance bicep recruitment by performing a slow decline (8–10 seconds) from the top. Performing an isometric hold half way down will also stimulate your biceps muscle.

You can perform what is called "head bangers" on a pull up bar. This will require enough upper strength to sustain your body weight while performing the exercise so it's considered an advanced level exercise. You stop half way down when doing a pull-up and when your arms are at a 90 degree angle, you move back and forth laterally as if your constantly banging your head against the bar. I demonstrate them here during a full body routine:

Is 16 to young to get married?

Yes. 100%. No one should get married at 16 unless it's a religion type thing. Otherwise 16 is way too young to get married.You don't want to get married at 16 for the following reasons:1.) You might find someone else. It may seem like whomever it is

I just got on ADHD medication and my appetite is suppressed but whenever I get hungry I can hardly eat anything without feeling sick. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

It depends on a number of things, what medication you're taking, how long ago you got on the medication, and the dosage. It's possible this is happening because your body is adjusting to the medication (though I'm pretty sure that shouldn't take more than a

Will Trump ever again be the president of the United States of America?

Can he? He already has.Trump WILL be President until 2024. The Democrats have already ceded the 2020 election.How?They tied their entire political party on to the clearly fake as hell story of Russian collusion. #Resist and all that. Welp, that story is dead - killed by the