Pectoral imbalance in the inner pecs, one of my inner pecs looks full while the other looks like there is nothing there, which exercises can balance it out?

Not really an answer to your question but the left side of the chest can be a bit bigger since your heart is located underneath.

If I where you I would start training your chest muscles sepertly since you must have some kind of symitry since only one side of the chest Is growing. Meaning that one side is taking load of from the other and working more while the other less.

The dumbell benchpress is deffiently a must for you.

Flies with cables are also a great chest exercise that let's your chest muscles work independently from each other.

A great YouTube channel with lots of tips and training advise I recommend is athlean x


Which is the best city in Kerala for food?

Kozhikode is without dout the best centre for cuisine in Kerala.There have been a large number of Indian and foreign influences on the food forms available in the streets and bazars of Kozhikode. The Malabar cuisine finds its expert exponents in Kozhikode.There have been several influences on the food of Kozhikode. This would include the British, Chinese, European

How long does it take to build six pack abs, strong arms and shoulders?

it all depends on how badly you want it and how hard you are willing to work for it. oh yeah... it also depends on the stage you are at now. bear with me, can be done for most people in 3 months (tops) or less. it is important

I had an affair with a woman my husband thinks it was a man should I tell him the truth?

Yes. You have no choice but to own up to your indiscretion if you want to keep your marriage, and keep your faith in yourself. In the long-run, these types of indiscretions end up hurting you more than anyone else. The reason is clear, once you have had one affair, the next one becomes easier.