People who speak seemingly just to hear someone speak, why can't you ever just shut-up and enjoy the silence?

Simple answer: it's a psychological need. Why can't you just stop breathing? Physical need.

Your question carries a lot of bitterness and negativity. I would recommend talking to the one who you unjustly feel did you wrong and trying to understand why they have this need. Or, y'know, just learn to be polite and tolerate it while in their presence.

I saw a video tutorial with a portion on lifting heavy dumbbells, with the bicep hammer curl he swung his arms back a little to get the weight up there, is this correct?

No but let's go deeper.If you're learning you want proper form with EVERYTHING you do. If not, you can expect injuries and if you're lucky, just plateaus. Proper technique is #1!Now, that being said, as you gain knowledge and experience training you'll get familiar with body control and stabilization. Then you can look into what's called a Cheat Rep.When

My husband looked at another girl, is he cheating?

It is possible for a man to look at another woman and have sexual interest or feelings toward her. But that doesn't necessarily equal cheating. Every man isn't going to act on a look. He will appreciate but not sexually engage.You know your husband. Is he a reckless man that would go outside of his marriage

What will happen if the Republican Party dies?

The way we look at parties in the United States is artificial and does  not represent the people. The natural divide is between more government intervention verses less. The Democrats are often lumped into the first category while the Republicans are often lumped into the secondary category but