Relative to how long you spend building muscle, how long does it take to lose muscle you've built?

This is really highly dependent upon a lot of things and a simple answer is just not possible.  The most critical factors are:

  • How much you're eating during the period of non-exercise
  • Nitrogen balance.  Of that amount that you are eating - how much of that is protein?  Basically your body will digest its own protein sources in a process called wasting if your nitrogen balance is not positive.

The present study examined the effects of training status (endurance
exercise or body building) on nitrogen balance, body composition, and urea excretion during periods of habitual and altered protein intakes. Experiments were performed on six elite bodybuilders, six elite endurance athletes, and six sedentary controls during a 10-day period of normal protein intake followed by a 10-day period of altered protein intake. The nitrogen balance data revealed that bodybuilders required 1.12 times and endurance athletes required 1.67 times more daily protein than sedentary controls. Lean body mass (density) was maintained in bodybuilders consuming 1.05 g Endurance athletes excreted more total daily urea than either bodybuilders or controls. We conclude that bodybuilders during habitual training require a daily protein intake only slightly greater than that for sedentary individuals in the maintenance of lean body mass and that endurance athletes require daily protein intakes greater than either bodybuilders or sedentary individuals to meet the needs of protein catabolism during exercise.
How to deal with OCD even though I have treatment

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As a new skinny, beginner in the gym, should I focus on all muscle groups each day? Or 1 muscle per day?

I would work on bringing your whole fitness level up before doing split routines.First decide the following.Are you wanting to body build, or build your strength, or overall fitness.The three are totally different. What is motivating you? Overall looks, health, attraction to the opposite