Should I allow my 12 year old to play 18+ games?

This really does depend on the maturity of the kid, your family values, and the content of the game.

  • Find out why the game got the 18+ over rating. Is it a porn stimulation game? Is it extremely gory? Is it very racist? Once you find out why the game got the rating, consider your values. Is it important to you that your son grows up in a violence free home? If so, then I wouldn't recommend the ones that have goriness in them. Is it important that your son isn't exposed to sex/porn at a young age? If it's a yes, then rule out the ones that got the 18+ rating for porn.
  • If you decide based on your values that your child can play the game, watch a few YouTube videos of the game. Look at the game on a Common Sense Media. Find out what it's about. Look beyond the surface rating to see if this really is something you want your son to see.
  • If everything is clear up to here, take a long hard look at your son. Is he mature at family functions? Does he still laugh at bodily functions/puberty? Think about how your son would react to actually playing the game. Would he get scared and potentially have mental issues later on from the gory games? Consider your son's well being within all this too. Would he discuss the porn game at school? If so, then that one is a firm NO.
  • If you decided that based on your family's values, the content of the game, and the maturity of your child that the game is acceptable, great! Explain the game more to him, and establish some rules-no playing around younger siblings, don't talk about it at school, etc.

Good luck!

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