Should I buy GTA 4 in 2018 (I have played all GTA version including GTA 5, but I never played GTA 4)?

As I have played both games and completed both storylines 2 time , this one's for me .

Keep in mind that it will be an overall downgrade !

but there's always a but

GTA 4 features a guy Niko Bellic looking for work in America after retiring from Russian army. He decides to get along with his cousin Roman who is already in US as Roman exaggerates his success to Niko but doesn't have shit and runs taxi services.

No point in writing further more because all you want to confirm is that gameplay will be satisfying ?


Yes , the ragdoll physics are there . Hand Fighting is also good and feels better imo*.

Most of the gameplay is same but missions may not be as thrilling as it is in GTA 5.

Now , the thing is driving . Its real ! don't expect Franklin would pop up and use his driving ability or something . Inertia is real . The driving was so real that it was criticized that a video game shouldn't have this much reality for driving because people were unable to go past the corner . Since , you have played GTA 5 , driving will irritate you .

Being particular with storyline , it's far better than GTA 5 . Don't imagine Trevor while reading this . I am saying storyline and not gameplay .

Play the game :)

now for Post scripts .

  • Game may not run in windows 10.
  • It has multiple patches.
  • Multiplayer is not good.
  • Police is fun to play with unlike GTA 5's terminators.
  • Liberty city easter egg.

That's pretty much it .

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