Should I buy a camera or use my phone?

Use your phone, since it will be with you most often. There is plenty of good free software for combining multiple digital images to obtain better quality and/or wider perspective.

Macro and telephoto images are not easily derived from most smartphone images, but a holder and remote control for your smartphone will add much more bang for the buck than getting involved with DSLRs.

Otherwise, to minimize that "big purchase", Ebay offers used working Canon DSLR bodies, EF 300mm zooms and new 50mm f/1.8 lenses selling less than $200 in total. With tripod, extension tubes, post processing, and patience, these will suffice for telephoto and macrophotography other than sports, wildlife and other fast-moving subjects where multiple exposures are not feasible and the cost issue becomes less avoidable. Other DSLR systems are less generally available so cheaply..

Cell phone cameras are surprisingly capable, but they don't offer the creative range that you can get with a high end system camera.

It takes a commitment to lug one around.

If you don't feel the need for one, you probably don't need one. Save your money.

If you're not sure, borrow one for a few days.

Good luck to you.

Can you love someone who doesn't love you back? If you love someone, but they don't love you back, is that still love or just an obsession?

With regard to your question, I think I should tell you a brief story about a guy.This guy, A, loved a girl B passionately. Here A was certainly smitten by the entire persona of the girl and is reluctant to take up the issue with her...which is very common indeed.It was one sided love featuring people

Is it better to move to Los Angeles or New York City to work in the film/television industry?

Neither. Los Angeles is saturated, NYC is stagnant.LA is the number one location for filming, but it's LA so everyone and his uncle goes there and you will face oceans of competition, followed by disdain if you don't have connections to grandfather you into some union or guild.NYC is currently sixth in the world, behind LA,

What do you wish you had discovered?

My purpose before the age of 21. My worth before I let the world tell me how I should value myself.