Should I divorce my husband for an extreme offense?

What...the hell? I don't... I don't know if you should divorce him, but he may need professional help. That's a pretty big violation of the animal's privacy and safety and everything else, and a pretty big health hazard to him and you as his sexual just being fucked up as can be. But the only reason you should divorce him for it is if his doing it irreparably damaged your feelings for him or made it impossible for your marriage to continue happily. Marriage really only needs to work for the two of you; it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else.

But...get him some help.

If I do 100 pull-ups a day, how much height will I gain within a year?

are you serious? I cannot believe people are asking this question and others are validating it with bullshit. you really think you can get taller by pullups? first of all try doing a 100 pull ups in a day and let me

Is it good to go abroad after 12th non-medical, rather than giving the JEE exam?

Yes if you have money!Hey, Would you like to be a part of a student community on mobile app? there is a new app in town where you can sell your old notes and have friends community, to share your views called NotesMate. They have a facebook page as well join to learn more:

How many reps per week to build muscle?

There is a saying, "don't just count your reps, make your reps count"!I am sure everyone knows that quality is always more important than quantity, no matter what you do, whether exercising, making products to sell or even friends around you. In terms of building muscle, most trainers use the 8-12RM