Should I enable IPv6?

Yes, there are many benefits to activating your IPv6.

Here are some of the good reasons to enable it:

IPv6 is very important for the long-term health of the Internet. Researchers saw the writing on the wall, and could predict based on the rate of growth for Internet use and IP-connected devices that IPv4 couldn't last forever. IPv6 has been in development for nearly two decades. Now the next-generation protocol is ready to replace IPv4 and assume its place as the backbone of the Internet.

Yes, you should care about IPv6! You should be deploying it and ensuring your software and hardware works properly with it. It's important to prepare for the future before the current IPv4 situation becomes completely unworkable.

There are features of the IPv6 protocol itself that make it more secure than IPv4. The integrity and authenticity of each IPv6 packet is ensured through encryption, and techniques aimed at preventing packet spoofing. IPv6 is much better than IPv4 at making sure Internet traffic gets to the correct destination without being intercepted.

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