Should I get a custom tailored suit?

No, probably not. For a few reasons.

  1. Bespoke, custom suits are expensive. Regardless of where or what they are made of, you are still going to be paying for the tailors time and effort. Good craftsmanship is costly.
  2. You are not sure if you are done growing and physically changing. As a teen, your body can change drastically in just a few months. Not just in height, but shape and girth.
  3. You are probably not used to wearing a suit properly. Posture, how you carry yourself, and move in a suit will be different than in regular street clothes. Not to mention the other elements needed to wear a suit properly (accessories, other garments, etc.)
  4. You have not stated the reason for needing/wanting the suit or how often you expect to wear the suit. Those do matter when looking at investing in one.

Suits in general are expensive, whether off the rack or custom. Well made, custom suits are far more expensive than many realize. Due to the fact your body is most likely not done changing and growing, such an investment would be short term.

If you are set on a suit, having a thrift store or off the rack suit tailored to fit may be a better, more feasible option. It won't be the same as a custom made suit, but the investment will be less, and it will give you a chance to become accustomed to wearing a suit and what all it takes to wear one properly. Think of it as training wheels to wearing one properly.

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