Should I give my husband another chance after he admitted he slept with others for financial purposes only?

Was this before you were married? If so, then forget about it. It's not your business, unless he has issues from those days he'd like to get off his chest.

If it was after you were married, were you aware there were financial issues?

If this was after you were married, and there were no financial issues, and this was something he did for a lark or to buy the new version of God of War, then you might have reason to discuss what went on and would he ever want to do this again.

What are the best exercises for boxing workouts at home?

Okay,so first of all. Starting off with basics.first do the complete body stretching.Relax your muscles.1. jump rope . It will help you to increase stamina and it also improves your footwork.If you try variations while doing the jump rope.2. Push ups,tricep dips, squats.3.Now most important thing is you need to

Will a keto diet reverse type 2 diabetics?

ketogenic diet are proven methods to reverse diabetes type 2. dr sarah hallber a medical doctor recommends ketogenic diet to her patient. because it is the only macronutrient does not spike insulin level becuse of very low carbohydrate diet. ketogenic diet is highfat moderate protein and very low carb diet. her patient feels satiated a for a long time