Should I learn how to cook?

The answer is no, under the following conditions:

  • You have no desire to learn to cook and
  • you enjoy eating out every night and
  • can afford it or
  • you can afford to have a live-in chef to prepare meals for you three times a day or
  • have a spouse/significant other/friend who doesn't work and has the time and inclination to prepare your meals or
  • you don't care one way or the other whether food tastes good or
  • you no longer wish to eat or
  • you are in persistent vegetative (no pun intended) state and
  • are being fed intravenously or
  • you are the supreme leader of North Korea

If these conditions do not apply to you and you wish to eat, then its probably a good idea to learn to cook.

Learning how to cook has certain benefits.

Its a big YES from me. You definitely ought to learn cooking for the following reasons:

  1. It saves a lot of money
  2. It involves a lot of fun
  3. You may choose for your food to be healthy or otherwise :P
  4. You have the choice of making your desired cuisine at any time of the day with or without dessert!
  5. Can be made more fun if you cook for others or with others
  6. Improves your sensation to taste buds as you will know exactly what tastes like what and how much of it can impact your dish as a whole
  7. Enhances your creativity as it enables you to try out different combinations and variations
  8. Increases your concentration as you wouldn't want a chopped finger with blood dripping
  9. Impresses your partner (or prospective partner)
  10. Above all, impresses your mom :)


Long time ago I really hated to eat at home because food was tasting really bad and that is because mostly nobody knows to cook delicious meal at my home. As I grew with time I would be home alone more often and I would need to prepare food for myself. I learned to cook various foods since then and now I really love food. I am fit but I eat more than 3 fat people together. And that is because I cook for myself. All these stuff I hated (like vegetables or soups ) are one of my favourite  foods now. I prepare all kinds of food all the time and it's both very delicious and healthy. I started to develop my own style and it's really great. I developed so many new kinds of dishes. I would actually open my own food place if I could. So cooking made me love various and healthy food, developed a new hobby, made me stronger (I usually cook food rich with protein and minerals which is also super tasty). You do not need to learn to cook in a boring way by reading various recipes. I never cook as people would expect. I just open my mind and try to make the best dish I've ever cooked before. It is so fun and it is always surprising me. It is also useful social skill. People love friends/lovers who cook delicious meals. And one big plus for some weird people like me, when you cook food by yourself, you know that nobody touched something awful before touching your food.

I so much relate to this . I always ask this question from my mother and expect a NO . cooking is something I never like but being a girl always being forced by relatives and friend to learn. and I do not want to.

And once I came across a blog. That was having very interesting title "nomaggie land and why should I cook" The story of NoMaggi island and why you should cook - Qriyo Blog . And get to know cooking is not gender specific but every individual must know it for his or her survival. A must read !!

Qriyo provide private home tutors for cooking, yoga and many more.

So learn how to cook! That's so important !!

People who ne'er learn to cook square measure missing a good chance to find out one in every of the foremost valuable skills. change of state is a very important ability that everybody ought to acquire. The time spent on learning a way to cook can fully not move to waste. And change of state isn't as laborious as you think that. It are often therefore amusing to master the cooking arts. I'm positive regarding this from my very own experiences of getting ton of fun whereas brushing up my change of state skills. Learning to cook is completely price trying! I even have listed ten reasons convincing why it's necessary to find out to cook these days

Your folks can cook your meals just for farewell. In due course, you've got to measure on your own and can't depend upon them. There isn't continually somebody UN agency needs to cook for you. At some purpose of your life whereas you're living severally, change of state for yourself can become terribly necessary. If you learn to cook as early as potential, then you don't need to depend upon others to create your meals and may cope up throughout times once you reside alone. it'll additionally provide you with a way of independence, freedom and self-reliance.

Cooking reception is extremely convenient and therefore the style is healthier compared to intake out. it'd be to a small degree laborious to win over this, however it's the reality. shopping for food from outside could appear simple and convenient initially however it's not therefore within the end of the day. You'll perceive once you're taking up change of state reception. Moreover, the style of home-brewed food are some things you can't notice within the outside foods. it's a really special style indeed; you'll decision it the style of one's own creation! It won't be long till you begin preferring the room over edifice foods, drive-throughs and takeouts. Once you learn change of state proficiently, you'll create delicious home-brewed cuisines simply.

Cooking positive has fruitful rewards. it's terribly satisfying to superbly plate out delicious dishes from a few of easy ingredients. It helps to ease stress and unleash your tensions. it's additionally a straightforward thanks to unwind within the thick of a busy manner. Chopping the vegetables, peeling, stirring a pot of soup or sauce, baking whereas you let your mind wander and disaffect from worries – this can be what change of state is regarding. of these provides a nice sense of satisfaction. it'll be even additional gratifying once your dishes square measure praised by the guests or individuals to whom you serve them.

As you are still at home, your mom will in any case be your best instructor as you can gain more from her than anybody else.She is the best individual yo can realize which slice of meat to purchase for the sort of dinner you need to cook, the best approach to accurately store nourishment, the costs to pay per kg and so on Either sit in the kitchen out of her way and watch what she is doing, or work at the seat with her and help her.

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