Should I marry my girlfriend?

The one problem with relationship advice from total strangers is that, no matter how much details you give us, we can't give you perfect advice on what you should do in your life. You should decide on what to do, because no one knows about your life more than you do.

Keeping that in mind, read some of my thoughts on this issue.

  • In a relationship, trust is as important as love. sometimes, its more important than the love itself.
  • I'm not too sure if you trust her 100% (if u were, you wouldn't be asking for our opinions)
  • She has told you about her past. She had no necessity to tell you that. Its her past after all! But she respected your rrelationship and ccame clean about her past. Please appreciate her for that!
  • Everyone does mistakes. Maybe the affair is her mistake and she regrets ever being like that. she truly loves you and came clean to you and maybe she is a changed person.
  • You guys have been through everything. You guys have broken up and still went back to each other. So that means both of you love each other truly and understand each other. You both look as a compatible couple to me.
  • If you marry her, life may not be a bed of roses. But no marriage is a bed of roses. I'm sure if you marry her, you will have fights and misunderstandings like every other couple. But since you have seenn it all, you will patch up.

Every aspect of your relationship seems good enough to get married. But, if you are going to think about her past even after the marriage, please don't marry her and waste her life too. She did not cheat on you ever. When she was in a relationship with you, she has not seen any other guy. isnt that good enough to you? She is true to you.

You should trust that she is true to you. Only if you trust her 100% then marry her.
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