Should I move to Thailand?

Unless you have business or a clear reason to do so, I would have to say no. Thailand is moving past it's used by date for partying and fun. It is currently run by a dictatorship that is notorious for being difficult to foreigners.

It isn't exactly cheap to live anything but the simplest of lifestyles there these days. It is no longer unified by a monarch that is respected which added some sanity to the country in times of crisis. You could be arrested for even saying that. I no longer live in Thailand so simply don't care or live in fear of the lesse majeste laws. People still in Thailand or Thais themselves will only make such observations anonymously.

The environment is overwhelmed by lack of infrastructure for tourists and tourism levels climb every year. This year they expect something like 37 million visitors and the tourism minister has expressed goals of hosting upwards of 100 million people each year in the next decades.

I left Thailand for two reasons: 1. The current junta is a laughing stock and does it's best to make things uncomfortable for Farang in particular and everybody in general. 2. Thailand has become a waste dump that happens to front beaches that are treated like toilets. Even though the country is already suffering obvious signs of complete, environmental degradation the greed is so pervasive from corrupt officials right down to the locals that there is no great likelihood the trend will be reversed in our life times.

The expats in Thailand tend to be very low on the totem pole as well. They are mostly there to improve their own situations as they tend to be economic refugees from the U.K. or alcoholic sex tourists or more likely some mix of the two.

I could go on but I will simply say that at the moment Thailand isn't a hot spot for fresh off the boat newbies to live long term.

We don't recommend moving to Thailand anymore for long term plans because of the burdensome immigration regulations that have increased over the years. Malaysia, Thailand's southern neighbor has the very attractive Malaysia My Second Home MM2H program that offer a 10 year renewable visa. I would suggest moving to Malaysia and visiting Thailand if you need to live in SE Asia.

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19 year

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