Should I run away from home and then come back?

No, it's not. Deal with your boring life.It's better than getting robbed, sexually abused or even killed on your adventure. Your parents will report you missing and your actions will cause taxpayers a huge amount of money lookIng for you on your adventure. Think of how worried your parents will be. Why don't you go to soccer camp instead?

I'd suggest somewhere closer, like Nashville.

Despite the image, San Francisco is NOT a friendly place to come to for young people on the street.  Now, you have money, yeah, you might be ok. But if you are planning on moving there and panhandling, you may discover, as so many young kids do, that there are some pretty nasty people in SF who prey on younger kids. Rape, mugging, forced prostitution or just hunger and tiredness and quite possible likely outcomes if you are broke and plan on living on the street.

Drop me a line if you decide to go, so I can try and talk your out of it again.

Should India learn from China?

Question: Should India learn from China?Question detail: India was ahead of China in the 80's. And now China is ahead of even the US.Answer: Sorry, I doubt if the Question detail is right. If you have any reference, please share it. Historical GDP of China - Wikipedia.

Why did the Basques leave the Basque country? Why did so many come to Boise, Idaho?

Basques moved to the the American West throughout the late 19th and early to mid 20th century to her sheep and cattle.They moved to Idaho because that's where the herding jobs were during that time, and Boise specifically because the town

What is the longest time you've ever been unconscious for?

Assuming natural sleep doesn't count?About five minutes at the dentist when about eight years old.Approximately 30 seconds, after allowing a cousin to demonstrate a wrestling grip.Approximately 10 seconds, when demonstrating how hyper-ventilation can cause fainting.In none of the above cases was I totally